How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Colour Scheme

Now I’m a big believer in the importance of staying true to what you like and when it comes to your wedding there should be no rules. This is as true with choosing the colours for your special day as anything else. But if you want a little help with making sure that you pull together something that is harmonious and that hits the vibe you’re after then read on for some handy things to consider.

The colour palette for your wedding will probably be one of the first things you decide on. Once you’ve landed on the one that works for you the fun can really start as colour will be a thread that runs throughout your whole celebration. Your wedding concept may be driven solely by a specific collection of colours or more subtly entwined into a specific theme.

As colour choice can have an impact on your decision about many other elements of your wedding making it the right choice for you and the day you want to achieve is an important and exciting part of the process. Coming from the woman who loves to collect colour swatches from B&Q, exploring different shades, tones and hues can be lots of fun.

Things to Consider

There are so many factors that can influence your colour choice so before you start hitting Pinterest here are some useful questions to ask yourself:

  • What season are you hoping to get married in? Do you want something that celebrates the seasonal flowers and colours of a particular time of year?
  • Have you chosen a venue? If the venue is a blank canvas then great the colour wheel is your oyster. If the venue has colour as part of its own décor and soft furnishings you may want to consider a colour palette that will marry together well (like what I did there?!) with what is already there rather than creating a clash.
  • What colours do you actually like? Do you wear certain colours, have a favourite throw in a gorgeous shade? Think about your own preference for colour and whether you prefer vivid and bold or more muted, softer shades.
  • What sort of wedding do you want to create? Are you looking for a fun, loud party atmosphere or a more laidback vibe? Colour can really help to build an atmosphere.
  • Are you into trends? You may be a follower of fashion and interior design and take inspiration from up and coming colour trends. These can often influence wedding design, Pantone releases colours of the seasons each year which can be a good starting point. Check out one of my moodboards below which does just that.

Tips for choosing a colour palette that works for you. Now I’m not here to bore you with all the science behind how various colours and their shades, hues and tones (yes these are all different things) can all work together but there are a few different directions you can go in to achieve different looks. Before we get into details let me introduce you to our friend the colour wheel, a handy reference when we get into the stuff below.

The Colour Wheel

Different Ways to Approach Colour Combinations

  • Monochromatic – simple and balanced this is the use of tones and shades of one particular colour paired with a neutral. When we refer to neutral this can include white, ivory, tans, browns, beiges, greys etc. A great choice if you’re looking to keep things simple.
  • Analogous colours (not as complicated as it sounds!) – colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel usually three is a nice number so as not to overpower things. This can create a warm, rich look.
  • Complimentary colours – two colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel so you will find you have a warm colour against a cool colour. This can create a stronger contrast but still maintain some harmony as the colours (you’ve guessed it!) complement each other.
  • Triadic colours – three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel. This can create high contrast while remaining balanced.

Will all this in mind I’ve used some of my favourite colour combinations at the moment to put together a selection of mood boards to give an idea as to how different palettes can work in practice throughout your wedding design. I love to follow the seasons in what I do so I’ve used that as my focus for these inspiration palettes.

Winter Wedding

Mixed jewel tones amethyst purple, ruby red and emerald green. These colours are dark, rich and warming and work fabulously with either a boho look or a more regal affair for gorgeous winter nuptials.

Spring Wedding

Pantone colours for 2021 Ultimate Gray and Illuminating a good example of a monochrome pairing however I’ve chosen to team them here with a dusty pink to soften the contrast and add a little more depth to the palette. Spring vibes with a modern twist.

Summer Wedding

Without a doubt my favourite season (my daughter is even called Summer) I’ve gone bold here with a vivid poppy red which sits beautifully with a more calming sage green. Fresh and fun full of Summer vibes.

Autumn Wedding

I’ve taken it back to nature with this one pairing forest green with wood. Perfect if you’re looking to create an idyllic countryside wedding inspired by your surroundings.

And Finally…

So there you go a little insight into the world of colour and weddings. Hopefully you’ve found some of my hints and tips useful. Ultimately remember you do you when it comes to colour choices for your wedding. Whether on trend or not, common or unique combinations if it makes you smile it’s the right one for you!

If you’d like to chat more about your wedding colour palette then get in touch. It’s one of my absolute favourite things to talk about when it comes to wedding planning!

Yours in love and colour

Images via Pinterest

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